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What is Stingray City?

Stingray City is a shallow sandbar in Grand Cayman’s North Sound. It is home to around 100 friendly Southern stingrays. People have been visiting Stingray City to interact with the stingrays for around 40 years now. Over time has become the Caribbeans most famous tourist attraction, providing an unforgettable experience for guests.Grand Cayman Boat Charters - Stingray City tour

Where is Stingray City? 

Stingray City is located in Grand Cayman’s North Sound, a large reef protected. Stingray City sandbar is about 3 miles north from the mainland. Stingray City Grand Cayman Location

How deep is the water Stingray City sand bar?

Generally the water over the sandbar is three to five feet deep. The area is tidal, so the depth will vary.Private boat charters grand cayman

What is the history behind Stingray City?

Back in the 1970’s, much of Grand Cayman was covered with Mangroves. The mangroves provide great habitat for wildlife, including mosquitos, which were prolific in years gone by. In order to avoid the mosquitos, fisherman used to stop at a sandbar inside the reef, where they could clean their catch and not be troubled by mosquitos. They used to throw the fish guts into the water. This attracted the stingrays, who are naturally scavengers. After a while, the number of stingrays at the sandbar increased. The fishermen discovered that the stingrays were actually very friendly and started to feed them from hand. It was then realised that this was an experience that tourists would enjoy. That was the start of Stingray City tours.Stingray City - Grand Cayman

Is Stingray City safe?

Stingray City is perfectly safe so long as you go with a professional  tour operator. Thousands of people visit the sandbar at Stingray City in Grand Cayman every month, and as long as you follow a few simple rules explained by your guide, you should not run in to any issues. The stingrays themselves are very friendly and are very experienced at interacting with visitors.

Will the Stingrays sting you?

Stingrays only sting in self defence (with a barb on their tail). The stingrays are very happy to see people as it means they are going to be fed. You will see them swim over as soon as a boat arrives. There is very little chance of them stinging you at Stingray City.

How long do Stingrays live for?

Southern Stingrays can live for up to 40 years. You will meet many stingrays that have lived at the sandbar for generations.

Is Stingray City enclosed?

No, it is open to the sea. The stingrays are free to come and go as they please. They are truly wild creatures.making new friends at stingray city grand cayman -sandbar

Are there any age restrictions at Stingray City

No, all ages are welcome to enjoy this unique experience. A larger, more stable boat with plenty of shade will suit bothe younger and more senior visitors.Snorkelling in Grand Cayman - Catamaran charter

Will I see sharks at Stingray City?  

Sharks are not a common sight at Stingray City.

How are Stingrays born?

Stingray give live birth to small litters of baby stingrays. The young stingrays are released after the eggs have hatched inside of the mother. A newborn Southern Ray is about 5 inches across. It will have to fend for itself from birth.Resting Stingray - North Sound Grand Cayman

What is the best way to visit Stingray City

The only way to get to stingray city is by boat. A private charter boat will only be carrying your group, so you will be able to choose the best time to visit and keep away from the Catch the Cat at stingray city grand cayman.

What is a group of Stingrays called?

A group of stingrays is known as a feverVisiting stingray city grand cayman by boat


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